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Date: December 11th 2015

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Dear Sponsors and Friends of the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation,

We are writing to wish you and yours every joy throughout the remainder of the 2015, and an exquisite 2016 blessed with good health, love, joy, and success!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Jamtse Tsokpa is alive and well, and continues its work in aiding Tibetans living in exile through your sponsorship and generosity.

As you are aware, we have not held our annual Tibetan Handicraft Holiday Party the past two years. We wish to share with you our reasons. Last year our Mom, Maggie Sabato, was managing declining health. We rallied around her and were doing everything to be with her and be present to her needs. Sadly Mom left her earthy body this summer on July 2nd. As we know you understand, we wanted to quietly reflect during this holiday season.

As all of you know Maggie was a very special person in so many ways, and we are very proud of our Mom. In memory of Maggie, we wish to share with you the following:

Mom was honored as Kansas City's 2014 Mother of the Year.

The Mother of the Year Follow-Up in 2015.

Mom's eulogy presented by my husband, Joe Gorski.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2016 Jamtse Tsokpa Holiday Party!

If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution for 2015, click here to donate online. There you will also find information for a mail in contribution.

With our warmest regards and gratitude for each and everyone of you!
Stephanie and Joe and Cecily


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